Hello, my name is Jeffrey Markworth! I am 25 and I  recently graduated with my Master of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from the University of Missouri-Columbia. I was born and raised an only child in Warrensburg, MO to two social workers, Bertina Markworth and the late Jeffrey Markworth Senior. Both of whom taught me to cherish the value of hard work and to dedicate my all to establishing and obtaining goals. I have a love and passion for image making, design, painting, and video games. My time at MU granted me the opportunity to spend three years to personally develop a strong understanding of process, theory, critique, and concept development. One of the most rewarding experiences I've gained during this time period was to conceive a labor-intensive thesis project that culminated into a gallery exhibition consisting of 40 digital paintings and 5 traditional sculptures. The name of my thesis is Supremus, and the work is an example of how humans create resurrection mythologies as a response to death. For more information about my thesis exhibition please feel free to download and read my thesis paper!

If you have any questions, commissions, or work inquiries please email me at jeffreymarkworthjr@gmail.com.

All images copyright Jeffrey Markworth and their respectful owners.